Zero Rest Mass


Reflections on light.
notes on many of the movements:
2. Lumine
luminosity is observability
3. Dia-Logical
Two photons gossip about the other particles...
4. Blax Holz they travel the road across the universe...
5. Petra this destination.
6. Sursum Other Corda
six zillion degrees of separation
7. Matter's Really Nothing
well, mostly nothing
8. Sursum Other Corda - part 2 (NUMBER)
Think of a number. Now forget it.
11. Super Black
ode to a newly created "darkest known material" which uses hydrocarbon nanotubes to absorb almost 100% of the light that hits it and render it nearly invisible - I'll believe it when I see it.
14. This Is What the Stars are Made of
In many cases it hardly seems worth it
15. we thought we knew it
"Let not my mind be blinded by more light, nor faith by reason added lose her sight." John Donne
16. It's the end of the world...
Expand. Cool. Disappear.


Large Group


Andy Baker - trombone
Lexie Bloor - vocals
Scott Burns - tenor sax
Raphael Crawford - trombone
Rob Denty - tenor sax
Jerry Dimuzio - bari sax
Steve Eisen - soprano/tenor sax
John Elmquist - composer, bass, vocals
Jim Gailloreto - tenor/soprano sax
Bob Garrett - percussion
Tom Hipskind - drums
Steven Houser - cello
B.J. Levy - trumpet
Paul Mutzabaugh - piano
Brian Schwab - trumpet
Chris Siebold - guitar
Andrea Tolzmann - violin
Paul "Lord of the Yum Yum"
Velat - vocals
Ben Wedge - viola
Cheryl Wilson - vocals
Tom Yang - violin