Kwyerboi (2006)

I was in the Washington National Cathedral boys' choir under the direction of Paul Callaway for 4 years. I was one of the boys. The National Cathedral and I did not agree with one another. But that's OK because they did not agree with me either. When they were preparing to toss me out on my ass because I was such an annoying kid - annoying in a bad way - we were moving to Puerto Rico anyway, so we could all pretend that everything was great when I left. On the upside, the education I got through 6th grade at St. Albans enabled me to concentrate almost exclusively on smoking pot after I left. In fact it carried me all the way through graduate school. You go, St. Albans! Side note: even though I was in 4th grade when it occurred, I was sure that I belonged at Woodstock. Kwyerboi is as much about things that were happening outside as in.


Andy Baker - trombone
Larry Beers - drums
Lexie Bloor - vocals
Susan Cook - alto saxophone
Jo Ann Daugherty - piano
John Elmquist - bass and vocals
Jim Gailloreto - soprano and tenor saxophone; bass
Kara Kesselring - vocals
B.J. Levy - trumpet
Mitch Paliga - soprano and tenor saxophone
Paul "Lord of the Yum Yum" Velat - vocals