A reflection that roughly tracks the awkward path of an innocent, naive youth from conscientious objector to CIA career to exile in a pharmacologically infused afterlife of debilitating self-consciousness and confusion. All this is to say that if you go for a visit to the Agency psychiarist you can kiss your ass goodbye. The opening/closing poem is written by the subject. The Flea is by John Donne. This was the first larger narrative-type piece I did.

Musicians: Scott Anderson – guitar
Andy Baker – trombone
Susan Cook – alto sax
Jo Ann Daugherty – piano
John Elmquist – bass & vocals
Nell Flanders – viola
Jim Gailloreto – soprano & tenor sax, flute
Paula Kosower – cello
James Sanders – violin
Brian Schwab – trumpet
Darren Scorza – drums
Andrea Tolzmann – violin
Matthew Tolzmann – didgeridoo