Ballerina (2007)

The arrangement of Bicycle Race was part of a project for the Chicago public radio affiliate. (hear the interview that goes with it:). La Muerte Boricua is 3 songs about being a junior-high school gringo in Puerto Rico. Ballerina: When your ideals and ambitions do not modulate to accommodate the world as it presents itself, they become brittle and toxic.


Neal Alger – guitar
Lexie Bloor – vocals
Raphael Crawford – trombone
Andy Distel – vocals
John Elmquist – bass & vocals
Jim Gailloreto – tenor saxophone
Tom Hipskind – drums
Steven Houser – cello
Leandro Lopez-Varady
Aaron McEvers – alto saxophone
B.J. Levy – trumpet
Kalyan Pathak – percussion (composer of parts on
tracks 3-7)
Andrea Tolzmann – violin
Paul “Lord of the Yum Yum” Velat – vocals
Ben Wedge – viola
Tom Yang – violin